What’s Your Social Policy?

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Are you on the fence about social media and skeptical if it can grow your business? If so, this blog post about social media policy should help alleviate your skepticism.

Most businesses who haven’t harnessed social media marketing are fearful and skeptical about it, because of lack of controls and difficulty managing it. We’ve all heard the horror stories in the media about athletes, politicians, celebrities and businesses tweeting or posting something that resulted in an “official apology” the next day.

What we haven’t heard in the media is the thousands of case studies of businesses that used social media to their advantage…for lead generation, to connect with industry influencers, and better engage customers.

Social media is not going anywhere, in fact, its influencing buyer and consumer behavior more than ever. If you’re a business considering a social media marketing strategy for 2014, a key to social media marketing success is to establish a social media policy and empower your employees…don’t continue to fear it or be skeptical about it. It’s inevitable that at least one of your competitors is going to use social media to their advantage and gain traction in 2014.

An effective policy should not only govern the designated social media person or team at your business, but it should also alleviate social media anxiety in leadership and guide the actions of employees.

Coca­Cola’s Social Media Policy

coke social media

When we consider that Coca­Cola has thousands of employees on social media, several million customers on social media, and a multi­billion dollar brand equity at stake—they perhaps have more to lose than gain on social media. Instead of fearing social media, Coca­Cola has embraced and harnessed it, by creating a compelling social media policy.

Here is a link to it: Coca­Cola Company’s Social Media Policy

Notice how the Coca­Cola Company has positioned itself as a social media enthusiast by clearly defining their policy. They not only encourage their 150,000 associates to participate in social media conversations about their brands, but they also offer training classes to teach them how to do it. They’ve communicated their commitment and expectations for social engagement in a way that eliminates any ambiguity.

Effective B2B or B2C social media marketing involves listening to the market, building relationships, promoting useful content and influencing buyers even before they are identified as potential leads. Every digital marketing campaign must be social.

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