The Must-Have Customer Experience. What does it mean?

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the must have customer experience

The “must-have customer experience” is a mindset. It’s a business, marketing and sales framework for success.

The best marketers and sales people have the ability to think like their customers. This may sound simple, but it’s not.

Thinking as if you are your customer requires curiosity, empathy and humility. It requires deep thinking to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

You’ve probably been in your industry for years. And that’s great!

That means you know your business inside and out. And you have extensive knowledge about your products and services.

But what do your customers think?

Why The Must-Have Customer Experience?

Several years ago, I heard the term must-have customer experience for the first time. I don’t remember the person who coined it, but I wish I did, so I could give him or her credit.

As a digital marketer, the must-have customer experience paradigm shift was a game-changer for me.

It gave me the super power to think like customers.

And it gave me the mindset to generate thousands of online leads and new customers for my clients. And millions of dollars in revenue for them.

Before I begin any project, I ask myself…

➜ What is the “must-have” customer experience for this business? 

In other words …

What experience “must” a customer have when interacting with this business?

Before you can put together a customer-centric digital marketing plan that will bring in new leads and generate more sales, you must first define, design, and diagram your must-have customer experience.

The good news is that there have been several surveys in which the customers themselves were asked what differentiates an excellent customer experience from a mediocre one.

Below are four answers may surprise you.

➊ Customers Want A Quality Lifecycle Experience

Consumers want quality service at each touch point of their lifecycle.

For instance, consumers are treated well when they acquire a product or service. But in the middle of their lifecycle, when they need help with billing or technical support, they often feel let down.

Then, at the end of their lifecycle, retention groups bring back the same level of service they got at the beginning.

Consumers want a quality customer experience throughout their lifecycle. They do not want to feel “forgotten” after buying.

➋ Customers Want More Preference Options

A must-have customer experience is about much more than how you provide customer service.

Sometimes, it’s about what you allow your customers to do for themselves.

For instance, customers who visit your website want an option to set the frequency at which they receive email or push notifications.

What’s more, if you provide an online service, customers want the ability to easily make changes to their subscriptions or plans.

And if the customer has an issue that hasn’t been resolved, they want the ability to escalate the issue to a senior manager.

➌ Customers Want Better Touchpoint Experiences

If you have multiple departments handling different aspects of your customer service, then you need to make sure the customer experience is quality across each touchpoint.

Remember, your goal is to create the must-have customer experience at each touchpoint of their lifecycle. No matter if they call your billing department, chat with your sales team, or email your technical support department.

➍ Customers Want to be Engaged, not Manipulated

If your customers (or potential customers) feel manipulated rather than engaged during any part of their lifecycle, then they are more likely to churn to another company offering a more engaging experience.

In order to engage your customers rather than manipulate them, be sure that you communicate assertively, but not aggressively. Take a genuine interest in what your customers have to say, and adopt a culture of transparency and honesty.

Respond to praise and criticism alike on your social media channels. Communication clearly and don’t speak over your customer’s head. And avoid any marketing gimmicks that can squash your credibility.

To put it simply, the must-have customer experience is one that makes a customer feel like a human being. Better yet, a valued human being.

✍ In conclusion…

The must-have customer experience is a business, marketing and sales philosophy for success.

When you give your customers options to personalize their customer experience, you empower them.

When you engage with them, you build deeper relationships and loyalty.

When you improve your communications across each touchpoint, your brand becomes more memorable.

When you give them quality service throughout their lifecycle, you reduce churn rate.

The must-have customer experience will help you think like your customers. And you’ll provide them with the experience they want, expect and deserve.

And here’s the upside …

You will grow your business, crush your competitors, and make a lot of money.

❯ Let’s Talk More About The Must-Have Customer Experience

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