What is Digital Marketing and What Does It Mean in Plain English?

What is Digital Marketing?

Here’s The Problem with ALL

“What is Digital Marketing?” Questions.

Perhaps this is just my problem, but here it is for everyone to know.

In casual conversation, when someone ask me “what is digital marketing“? … it’s difficult for me to explain without sounding like an audio book.

First, because digital marketing is a ginormous topic … and second, because I’m so freaking passion about it.

I used to ramble when asked “what is digital marketing” questions. I’d talk way to much and notice people’s eyes wondering before I catch myself. We’d both simply change the topic and move-on … and I’d feel incomplete.

But last night, I nailed it. I was at the gym having a casual conversation with a new friend, when she asked me about my job.

I replied, “I’m a digital marketer”.

Lo and behold … she then asked the dreaded question, “what’s digital marketing”?

Before I answer … truly understand this: we live in the Digital Age. That’s a fact and our reality. The digital age is relatively new, constantly changing and presenting new possibilities.

What’s more … we (meaning, humans) are now digital. We literally carry and have access to digital devices everywhere we go. We are plug into the grid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Essentially, my job as a digital marketer … is to position brands, products and services to target audiences on desktop, tablet and smart phone devices.

And then it happened.

Instead of her eyes wondering, they got bright. She understood the complexity and hugeness of digital marketing instantly. We connected and she was curious to learn more. She asked me the question again…

But, what does digital marketing mean? … I continued.

There are dozens of accurate digital marketing definitions on the Internet, but they wouldn’t do any good right now because they’re mostly industry jargon.

I want you to understand the big picture of what digital marketing means.

Before there was digital media, there was traditional media.

A Basic Understanding of Traditional Media.

Traditional media is an one-way communication. In practice, a ‘company’ would send you direct mail letters, advertise on TV/radio, conduct PR campaigns, rent billboards, and do other in-your-face methods to vie for your attention. It’s an one-way communication … the company only communicates with you (unless you write a letter) … and who wants to be that guy?!

Think of traditional marketing as push-marketing … information is being pushed to you through one-way media channels.

A Basic Understanding of Digital Media.

Digital media is a two-way communication. The company can communicate with us … and we can communicate back to the company and everyone willing to listen through digital media channels (search engines, websites, social media, email logs, review sites, etc.)

Digital marketers refer to digital media channels as … customer touch-points.

The fact that we live in an age in which it is possible to touch a customer 24/7 days a week … it’s HUGE for a business owner or entrepreneur … it makes anything possible.

Ok, I may be rambling a bit, blame it on the passion … you asked me a question, “what is digital marketing”?

My answer is …

Digital marketing is creating a must-have customer experience on all digital media touch-points.

My friend’s eyes were bright and she was inspired by the set of possibilities.

So … if, my job is to market products and services to people digitally … then I have to position a company’s brand to them where they are connected in a way the influences them. Hopefully in such a great way, that it makes them want to tell all their virtual friends and cyberspace, how awesome your company is … that’s called the viral factor, and that deserves it’s own blog post.

I hope you enjoyed my experience and answer to “what is digital marketing” ? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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