What Is Customer-Centric Digital Marketing?

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customer centric digital marketing

All too often, business people focus their strategies on targeting their “average” customer.

They pull information from sources of big data, determine their prime demographic, and generate marketing campaigns designed to produce a response from a mass market of people.

The customer-centric approach is different. It’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Customer-centricity focuses on communicating the right message, at the right time, to the right segments of customers. It’s a digital marketing strategy designed to produce better results and higher profits.

➊ What are the benefits of customer-centricity?

Customer-centric digital marketing presents many different benefits for businesses and consumers. It helps reduce marketing budget waste and builds more meaningful customer relationships.

It positions your business to acquire, retain and delight more customers. And it enables you to improve brand loyalty through relevancy.

Instead of focusing on your average customer, you focus on the uniqueness of your customer types. You invest more in your high-value customers, and less in your low-value customers.

When you implement customer-centric digital marketing strategies, you create deeper and more meaningful connections. You touch customers at the right time and on the right platform, with a message that is more likely to resonate with them and evoke a response.

In today’s digital economy, businesses must continue to evolve and adopt customer-centric digital marketing. The early adopters will gain a competitive advantage. And your business will forego archaic mass marketing for smarter segmented marketing strategies.

➋ The customer-centric email marketing advantage.

Traditional email marketing tactics promote sales, holiday specials, new merchandise, or other impersonal information.

These unsegmented, mass market email promotions aim to generate more revenue. And they do generate revenue. But do they generate the most revenue? And how do they impact your brand in the long run?

Conversely, customer-centric email marketing will take your business to the next level. You’ll no longer be playing in the amateur leagues, you’ll be in the big leagues.

For instance, you would segment your customer database. And send them email promotions based on their previous purchases, gender, or location. Instead of sending bulk emails to all of your customers, you disseminate relevant and personalized communications to segments of your customers.

Customer-centric email marketing organically deepens your customer relationships.

➌ Customer-Centricity and Predictive Analytics

Many of today’s businesses use predictive analytics to inform marketing decisions.

Business people predict things like revenue by channel or revenue by product line. The customer-centric approach is to focus on the people who are actually using those channels or interested in those products.

Predictive analytics are useful, but alone, it does little to build relationships with customers. To this end, customer-centricity and predictive analytics go hand in hand.

When you adopt a customer-centric approach, the focus shifts. Now, you focus on predicting the customer’s value based on the first product they purchased and the channel they used.

Customer-centricity and predictive analysis help you understand which customers are most likely to churn. This foresight gives you an opportunity to reach out to them before it becomes too late.

➍ Customer-Centric or Omni-Channel Marketing

More and more companies are making the shift to omni-channel marketing. Particularly since today’s consumers use a variety of technologies to access goods.

Traditionally, omni-channel marketing consists of taking an integrated approach across each channel and platform. And keeping separate metrics for mobile and desktop, or in-store and online sales.

With customer-centric marketing, you would instead create a unified user experience across all channels.

For example, the communication on a mobile device would move seamlessly to desktop for the same user.

Customer-centric marketing requires the collection of more data over time. But it will enable you to be a better steward of your marketing budget and yield higher profits.

The customer experience will improve and your customers will be happier. And they will have a better perception of your brand and increased loyalty.

My friend, this is the positioning you want in your customers mind.

❯ Let’s Talk More About Customer-Centric Digital Marketing

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