What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

digital marketing consultant

To put it simply, a digital marketing consultant’s job involves understanding search engines and what makes the average consumer “tick” in terms of the products and services they buy.

These two things together can help a business of any size design, develop, and implement a successful marketing campaign.

Improve Online Brand and Presence

One of the most important tasks that a digital marketing consultant performs is improving a company’s online brand and presence.

According to Pew Research Center, 84% of American adults use the internet on a near-daily basis, and many of these rely on the information they find on the internet to make decisions about the products and services they buy.

As such, companies should focus some of their marketing expenditures on building and promoting an online brand and presence.

A digital marketing consultant works directly with clients to achieve just that through social media campaigns, search engine optimization, and more.

Generate More Traffic that Converts to Leads or Sales

Another of a digital marketing consultant’s jobs involves helping businesses drive more traffic to their landing pages or websites.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that simply driving traffic isn’t enough; the content found on those landing pages or websites must be compelling enough – and the call to action powerful enough – to convert an acceptable percentage of those visitors into leads or sales.

These are also the tasks of a digital marketing consultant; this individual works with clients and companies to generate traffic while realizing those clients’ visions.

Digital Marketing Consultants Teach You

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies out there, and while some of them are very good at what they do, they handle everything on the back end with very little consultation with clients.

Marketing consultants are different in that they work with their clients rather than for them, providing them with the information they need to continue making sound digital marketing choices in the future.

Whereas companies often hire marketing agencies for long periods of time, a consultant usually works with clients for one to three months to help provide insight and advice.

Provides a Fresh Perspective

Finally, one of the most important things that a digital marketing consultant does for his or her clients involves offering a fresh and unbiased perspective.

Companies that hire their marketing team in-house are often limited when it comes to new ideas and perspectives, simply because the people working for them are so close to the company’s core.

A digital marketing consultant, on the other hand, is in no way affiliated with a business, and can therefore provide unbiased opinions, great advice, and fresh recommendations to help drive sales in the end.

A digital marketing consultant can not only transform a company’s online brand, but can also provide very valuable knowledge and insight that a business can carry with it for years to come.

After all, it is almost always better for companies to learn how to be successful in their own digital marketing ventures than to pay someone else to handle it.

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