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Video Content Marketing Strategy

If You’re Not Using Video Content Marketing, You’re Literally Leaving Money On The Table

Video content represents a significant opportunity to position your online brand and improve your website conversion rates. Research shows one of the biggest factors contributing to high website bounce rates and low conversion rates, are web visitors not relating to the company and understanding their product or service offer.

Businesses most clearly and directly communicate to their website visitors why they should buy or sign-up for something on arrival to their website. There is no better way to do this, than with video content marketing. Below is a breakdown of a few tactics for integrating video into your online marketing.

Videos On Your Company’s Website

Video can be used on your website in a variety of ways. One of the most popular uses is to place a short introduction or explanatory video (1 to 2 minutes) on your homepage. The video should be placed above-the-fold (viewable without scrolling down), to position your company message and introduce your flagship product/service to new website visitors.

You can also use videos on your website to drive visitors to your blog posts, to promote customer testimonials, for product demonstrations, to communicate a message from the CEO, to recruit new employees, and to promote webinars.

Videos On Your Social Media Websites

For good reason, YouTube is a household name around the world. It generates more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, over 6 million hours of videos watched each month, and it reaches more 18-34 year old adults than any cable network. I could go on-and-on about YouTube’s mind-boggling statistics. Video content marketing on YouTube should be a no-brainer for small businesses. It’s a free viral marketing platform.

However, beware of posting low-quality videos, which could do more harm than good. If businesses can make a commitment to produce quality videos, then they should create a YouTube channel and start working on a video content marketing strategy. As part of that strategy, upload videos consistently to your YouTube channel and encourage people to subscribe. Your business will experience guaranteed growth in popularity (brand awareness), which will have a positive affect on leads, sales and revenue.

When you upload your videos to Youtube, don’t forget to cross-promote them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vimeo, Digg, Delicious, and other platforms to enhance viewership and links from other sites (great for SEO).

Video Content Marketing

Producing Your Videos

A professional business video requires production, don’t just freestyle it. Video production requires significant planning, great copywriting, coordination of assets, storyboard/script, and a professional videographer(s). In addition, content marketing is a skilled trade. In order to maximize exposure, you should have an experienced online marketer disseminate your video content across the Web. Video content marketing requires a consistent long-term investment, but it surely yields a return in value and revenue.

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about earned, owned and paid media. I recommend reading that blog post. Video content marketing is a combination of “owning your media” and “earning your media”.

Below are some more thought-provoking research about the added value and importance of video content marketing.

Watching one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. – Forrester Research 

Visitors stayed at websites that use video 78% longer than websites that had no video.
 – RealNetworks

82.6% of consumers more likely to buy from a company whose site had web video.
 – Chamberlain Research

73.4% of consumers said that seeing video on a company’s website increased their comfort level.
– Chamberlain Research

68.4% of consumers more likely to buy products online after seeing a web commercial.
– Chamberlain Research

6 times more likely to turn a website visitor into a customer.– Forrester Research

You are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results if you have video on your website. – Forrester Research 

Video content is projected to account for 57% of consumer Internet traffic by 2015, nearly four times as much as regular web browsing and email. – Cisco

81% of senior marketing executives now use online video content in their marketing programs, up from 70% in 2011. – MarketingProfs

Video results have appeared in almost 70% of the top 100 search listing on Google in 2012 – Marketing Week

Blog posts with videos will attract 3 times more in-linking domains than a plain text post. – SEOMOZ

Videos are estimated in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results. – Econsultancy

65% of senior executives have visited a company’s website after watching a video. – Forbes

A website visitor will stay two minutes longer on a site when they watch a video. – Comscore

4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in-person as a direct result of watching a video – ReelSEO

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