8 Reasons Why User Testing Your Website Will Make You Better

Usability testing has been a method for improvement used by marketers and product manufacturers for decades. It is the science of testing human-made products (i.e…web pages, a web apps, gadgets, software or systems) from the end-user’s prospective, to determine if the product meets performance goals. Usability testing enables companies and managers to intelligently discover human/system errors, implement improvement techniques, and make better overall decisions. It generally measures end-user performance in areas such as:


How much time and how many steps, are required for people to complete basic tasks?


How many mistakes did people make while using your product or service?


How much do people remember after periods of non-use?

Emotional Response

How do people feel about your business processes?


How easy is it for people to use your product or service?


How happy are people with the user-experience?

Lead Generation & Conversion

Does your user-interface create opportunities for new referrals, prospects and sells?

Customer/Client Fulfillment

Did your product or service fulfill its promise to your customers/clients after the buying process is complete?

Perhaps never before, has usability testing been more important than today. Consumers have unlimited opportunities to comparison shop a product and obtain customer reviews, before deciding to purchase. Consumer expectations are high. In this era where competition is stiff, businesses have to embrace usability testing of their products, web pages, web apps, and software to garner a competitive performance advantage and position themselves to be more profitable and sustainable. Once the user’s expectations are exceeded and consumers are satisfied with the user experience, then the race to the front of the pack becomes easier.

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