Here’s Why You Should Get an SEO Second Opinion ASAP

SEO Consultant Second Opinion

When it comes to SEO, the rules are always changing.

Once upon a time, Google focused almost solely on keyword quality, placement, and density. These days, Google places more and more importance on your website’s user experience.

If you’re like most businesses, you’ve invested either time or money into SEO. You are either doing your own SEO; have employed an SEO agency; or have an in-house SEO person. Which are all ok. But …

The unfortunate truth about SEO is that few businesses have achieved a return on investment. That’s because most businesses suffer from SEO curse of knowledge.

Curse of knowledge is a common marketing problem that prevents many businesses from growing.

Wikipedia defines the curse of knowledge as a cognitive bias that leads better-informed parties to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed parties.

SEO curse of knowledge is one of the root causes that prevent in-house SEO professionals and SEO agencies from achieving continuous search engine ranking and traffic improvements.

Small businesses have a tendency to operate business as usual, without making impactful marketing and sales progress. Back in the day, this might of been ok. But today, it’s not a sustainable business strategy.

The digital age has ushered in a rapidly changing B2C and B2B online marketplace. Practically overnight, a business can lose market share and revenue. If a business is not focused on continuous improvement, then they are tethering on the brink of future failure.

How does a small business continuously improve in our rapidly evolving digital economy? They must become wiser.

Wise people seek second opinions from other wise people. And wise businesses seek second opinions from subject matter experts.

As it relates to your SEO approach … keep doing it yourself if that’s your preference; keep your SEO agency if they have done good work for you; and keep your in-house SEO professional if they are an asset to your business.

But be willing to do something different. Something your competitors are not doing. Become SEO wiser. Get an SEO second opinion. Because the wisest businesses will become online market share leaders.

Below you will find four more reasons why you should get an SEO second opinion as soon as possible.

#1 – Keywords Can and Do Change with Trends

Although SEO is more than just keyword play these days, the keywords that you choose still play an important role in your website’s rankings.

By now, you’ve probably conducted a “near me” search in Google … i.e.  “restaurants near me”, “stores near me”, “things to do near me”, etc.

Near me searches are trends. In fact, Google reports that near me searches have doubled this year.

Keyword trends and searches change often. Which may leave your previous efforts to optimize your site in the dust. While you shouldn’t make impulsive changes to the keywords on your web pages, you should get a second opinion on your keyword strategy to ensure you are not overlooking SEO opportunities.

This way, you can keep up with short-term trends and still remain relevant long-term.

#2 – Google Algorithms Change Like Tax Laws

No matter if you’re running a huge corporation with thousands of employees or a small business with a dozen employees, chances are good that you’re paying someone else to file your taxes.

That’s because they have knowledge of the tax laws that seem to change each and every year, and they can get you the most deductions.

Think of SEO like the IRS, and you’ll soon understand why second opinions are so vital. Google uses an incredibly complex set of algorithms to determine how and where your page ranks.

Unless you’re constantly monitoring those algorithm updates, then you probably aren’t optimizing your website in accordance with them.

Therefore, a second opinion from a knowledgable SEO consultant could provide you with emerging strategies and tactics that could increase your search engine rankings while your competitors are still sleeping.

#3 – It Could Help You Improve Your ROI

If you had a major medical issue and your doctor told you that the best treatment for that issue was very risky, then you’d probably seek out a second opinion from another qualified doctor before you made any decisions.

Along those same lines, if an SEO company wants to charge you X amount of money to optimize your site, and you aren’t sure you’re getting a good deal, ask a SEO consultant what they think.

Sometimes, your website may not need quite as much work as you think, and you can improve your rankings with less investment and work. Thus, a second SEO opinion is wise. Treat your website SEO like your health.

#4 – It’s an Extra Set of Eyes

Even if you’re confident that you’ve done all you can to achieve higher SEO rankings, it never hurts to have a second set of eyes look over your SEO work for mistakes and oversights.

Think of it like getting a fresh perspective; sometimes, an outsider can provide a simple tip or bit of expertise that can make the difference in your progression or regression.

Some SEO consultants will charge a flat fee for an SEO audit; others do not. In either case, take their advice and consider making any proposed changes.

SEO is vital in today’s digital world. Ultimately, it dictates the number of visitors that search engines send to your website, and not your competitor websites.

A second SEO opinion can provide you with new insights, keep you abreast of algorithm changes, and make sure that you’re following along with today’s important trends.

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