How to Use Sales Enablement to Increase Your Business Revenue

Sales Enablement

Business owners are always looking for new ways to increase the amount of revenue they can generate.

Sales enablement tools can help you help your sales agents in ways you may not have thought possible.

You can recruit better agents, enable and empower them, and even evaluate them using the right metrics for your industry when you choose to utilize sales enablement tools.

Understanding Sales Enablement

At its core, sales enablement is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a set of tactics and techniques that companies use to enable more sales.

However, the tactics and techniques can vary greatly based upon the product and service being offered by the business, the company’s industry or niche, and even the channels through which the business prefers to launch its marketing campaigns.

It consists of a variety of things, which include but are not limited to recruiting, enabling, and evaluating.


According to ManpowerGroup, a multinational human resource consulting firm, sales associate positions were the second hardest to fill in 2015.

Companies all around the world struggle to fill these positions for a variety of reasons, but sales enablement tools could certainly help.

These show that companies are willing to help their sales teams succeed instead of placing high demands and expectations on their associates.

This alone can help bring in new, experienced, and excellent salespeople who are willing to go the extra mile for their employers.

Enabling the Sales Force

According to surveys of salespeople across the country, most spend up to a third of their time searching for or creating clever content to share with prospective customers.

This is time that the salesperson could have spent interacting with their prospects and driving revenue for his or her employer.

The process of enabling involves empowering your sales agents and providing them with the content they need to sell products and services more efficiently.

Sales enablement can eliminate much of the time sales associates spend coming up with new ways to overcome objections and close sales.

Evaluating Your Team

Part of your overall sales strategy should include incorporating a set of goals that your sales associates should strive to meet.

This gives you valuable information that can help you determine how your sales agents are performing.

Sales enablement tools can help you fully understand the metrics you’ve put in place and what the numbers actually mean for your business.

They use a variety of high-tech predictive analytics and data sciences to determine which metrics will work best for you, and they even provide feedback to help you create a set of “best practices” that will help you meet your sales and revenue goals.

Overall, sales enablement allows you to view your business and sales goals in a number of ways.

Not only can these tools help you recruit new salespeople who are interested in seeing your business succeed, but they can also help you provide the tools your sales force needs to close more sales than ever before.

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