How To Improve SEO Website Traffic?

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How To Improve SEO Website Traffic?

Most business websites are stagnant. Their website traffic & online revenue is minimal. What’s the best SEO strategy?

Wise people seek advice for solutions to difficult problems. If your business website is stagnant, then it’s smart to ask for a second opinion.

If you were to ask me, how to improve your SEO website traffic?

My answer would be this …

wegYou should optimize the click-through rates (CTRs) of your current search engine result pages (SERPs). If you increase your search engine CTRs by one or two percent, then your website traffic will grow. As you build clusters of high CTR web pages, your non-paid traffic may double or triple over time.

Here’s a quick example. This is conservative. Let’s say your business has a website that ranks for 100 different keyword combinations in the search engines. And each of your 100 keywords average 500 non-paid search engine impressions per month. That’s 50,000 monthly impressions for your website in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

Now, let’s say this was the situation. Your website gets clicked 1% of 50,000 search engine impression. If so, then your website will receive 500 non-paid search engine visitors per month. It’s a numbers game. And it makes sense to optimize and improve non-paid search CTR.

By improving your web page CTRs, it will position you to organically grow your website traffic and acquire new customers. As your 1% CTR increases to 2%, 3%, 4%, or more … then you will double, triple, or quadruple your non-paid website traffic. Also, high CTR web pages are an indicator that your business model and marketing message resonate with online consumers.

Based on my experience, the best way to sustainably build an online business is through a strong SEO foundation; achieving high CTRs in the SERPs is a smart SEO strategy that works.

Here’s how I can help you …

Anthony Ragland SEO Consultant

I’m a SEO Consultant. No wait … I’m one of the good SEO guys. I have a computer science degree, marketing certifications, and over 15 years experience.

A long time ago, I discovered that optimizing for higher CTRs is an effective SEO strategy. It works. The methodology is simple. It’s a five step process:

  • Step one is to pull your SEO data and analyze it for insights.
  • Step two is to formulate a hypothesis and ideate your SEO strategy.
  • Step three is to implement your strategy and measure the results.
  • Step four is to analyze the feedback and learn from the outcomes.
  • Step five is to optimize or pivot your strategy, and continue onward.

I’ll do the hard work for you.

I’ll conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website and competitor sites. Then, I’ll hypothesize an effective SEO strategy to improve your organic search CTRs and SERP rankings. I can also design your measurement model, feedback loops, and ongoing optimization strategy.

When I’m done, you’ll have a clear line of sight to achieve more organic search engine traffic to your website.

Here’s what I’m going to do for you …

Step One of the Process

Step one is to pull your SEO data and analyze it for insights. I’ll deep dive into your website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, quantitative analytics, and competitor analytics with my SEO tools. The magic happens during the analysis of your data. I find hidden gems. I use the findings to form a strategy to improve organic search traffic to your website.

Your Deliverable: The clean SEO Data we collected during Step One; and SEO Audit Report of your website

Step Two of the Process

Step two is to formulate a hypothesis and ideate your SEO strategy. I’ll use the clean SEO data we collected during step one to formulate your SEO strategic plan. It will include your SEO strategy to improve your organic search CTRs and SERP rankings.

Your Deliverable: A Strategic & Tactical SEO Plan for your website

Here my sells pitch to you …

Your website data has tremendous value. It’s currency. Your website data can lead you to masses of potential customers. I can help by creating your roadmap to acquire more online traffic, leads and customers. I’ll start with collecting your website data and analyzing it for insights. Next, I’ll organize your data and create easy-to-read SEO reports. You’ll receive a clear SEO Strategic Plan to improve your SEO website traffic and online revenue.

Please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a call or meeting with me in-person. In case you were wondering, I charge from $699 to $1,899 for the following services & deliverables (price depends on the size of your website):

  • Clean Website Data Analysis & Reporting
  • SEO Website & Competitor Audit
  • Strategic SEO Plan to Improve Your SEO Search Engine Traffic

I guarantee you’ll be happy with your SEO deliverables.

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