10 Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant Before An Agency

Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant Before An Agency

You’re a business leader … an Owner, C-Suite, Director or Manager.

The brutal reality for most of us, is that our reputation depends on the success or failure of our business and career.

You’ve proven yourself. You’ve endured through business trials and tribulations … the ebb and flows … wins and losses … you’ve demonstrated grit and stick-to-itiveness.

Revenue is modestly growing quarter by quarter, year over year. You have committed and talented employees … loyal and happy customers.

You’ve lead your business to this moment … the brink of a tipping point … a potential break-through. You believe you can lead your business to future greatness.

But here’s the dirty little secret about your business.

You worry that your business is vulnerable.

It’s vulnerable to a competitor that’s a better marketer than you; and it’s vulnerable to one bad customer experience that goes viral.

You have no defense if your vulnerability becomes reality.

You’re not proud of your website. Some of your employees and customers have been complaining about your site, but you don’t know where to start and fear the horror stories of building a website.

You know that modernizing your website and expanding your digital footprint will help accelerate growth and achieve tipping point for your business.

You believe the right digital marketing strategy will take your business next level. You’ve decided to conquer your fear and take the next step.

What’s The Next Step: Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency?

You conducted a few Google searches and reached out to friends for referrals to digital marketing agencies and consultants.

The Digital Marketing Agency Experience

You start interviewing digital marketing agencies. You quickly learn they’re a fun group of people. They roll out the red carpet and make you laugh during meetings.

You notice they use lots of superlatives when they speak, such as “that’s awesome, cool, great, crush it, dominate, the best ever, brilliant, etc”. Your instincts are alerted to the salesmanship.

You ask the digital marketing agencies for a proposal to build you a new website. They send it within two days. The proposals is riddled with technical jargon and feels a bit fluffy. They quote you tens of thousands of dollars to build your website and thousands more to do SEO and Pay-Per-Click services every month.

You’re slightly overwhelmed. If this project is a failure, it will be difficult to overcome it.

The Digital Marketing Consultant Experience

Your gut tells you to do more diligence before hiring a digital marketing agency. You’ve had good experiences with consultants in the past. You enjoy the person-to-person interactions. As a business leader, you come to value the importance of a methodical approach, strategic planning and industry expertise.

You Google “Digital Marketing Consultants (in your city)” and found a few good candidates. You meet with a few consultants. You’re impressed by one of them. They don’t use as many superlatives and make as many assumptions. The salesmanship is replaced with pragmatic advice.

Here’s 10 Reasons To Hire Digital Marketing Consultant Before A Digital Marketing Agency

Reason #1:
Consultants Are More Focused On Your Goals, Objectives and Best Interests

Reason #2:
An Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant Has Senior Level Experience

Reason #3:
Consultants Will Quickly Up-Skill You and Teach You Industry Jargon

Reason #4:
Good Digital Marketing Consultants Have a Strategic Approach and Pragmatic Methodologies

Reason #5:
Digital Marketing Research and Planning Should Be Done In-House

Reason #6:
The Digital Marketing Consultant Can Represent You At Digital Marketing Agency Meetings

Reason #7:
Digital Marketing Agencies Are Better At The Bells and Whistles, Than They Are At Research And Planning

Reason #8:
Digital Marketing Agency Project Scopes and Deliverables Require Vetting For Quality Assurance

Reason #9:
Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution Is To Important For An Agency Alone

Reason #10:
It’s Easier For You To Hold Your Digital Marketing Consultant Accountable, And It’s Easier For Your Consultant To Hold The Digital Marketing Agency Accountable

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