Happy 15th Birthday Google!

Happy 15th Birthday Google

Google turned 15 years old on Sept. 27, 2013.

Since I’ve been a Google user my entire career and an ambassador of their products, I decided to write a blog post to officially wish them a happy birthday. Google is truly a marvel. Their footprint on the information age is absolutely unbelievable.

According to Wikipedia, below are Google’s financial numbers from 2012:

  • $50.18 billion in revenue
  • $10.74 billion in profit
  • $93.80 billion in total assets
  • $71.72 billion in total equity
  • $12.76 billion in operating income

It must be nice to be Google!

Courtesy of Wikipedia, check out this mind-boggling list of Google products.

The Garage Where Google Was Born

Mashable published this photo of the garage where Google was born 15 years ago in the winter of 1998. Simply awe-inspiring!

Google Garage Happy Birthday

Kurt Wagner from Mashable writes, “it was 15 years ago in this very garage that a young Larry Page and Sergey Brin started building one of the the world’s largest tech companies. Google’s co-founders rented the space — along with three rooms inside the house — while they were still living in the dorms at Stanford, less than two miles away. (The co-founders used Stanford’s servers to host their new search engine.)

Google now owns the house and doesn’t use it for much. On Thursday, the company announced changes to Google’s search product from the garage to commemorate its 15th anniversary.”

Read the full article from Mashable.

Google’s Homepage 15 Years Ago

Below is a screenshot of the Google homepage from 1998. Notice the reference to “index contains – 25 million pages (soon to be much bigger)”. You think they fulfilled this prophecy, the world wide web is 4.32 billion pages at the time of this writing.

google homepage 1998

Other than the email subscription box and references to Standard/Linux searches, there’s been few dramatic changes to the Google homepage. The consistent elements on the homepage, in 1998 and in 2013, are the “search box”, “search button” and “I’m feeling lucky button”. They’ve been focused on user experience from day one. You think Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) had a clear vision?!

Read the full Google 15 year timeline here.

As an entrepreneur, when I take a moment to reflect on Google, I cannot help but to fill inspired by their accomplishments. If you’re like me, you’re feeling compelled to do something great. Not just to have a run of the mill business, but a business that creates a legacy for our families…and hopefully produces a small positive footprint on society. Let’s do it!

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