10 Attributes of An Expert Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

Expert Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the scientific process of converting more website visitors into leads and customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants are in my opinion, the most talented and skilled of all digital marketing industry professionals (a SEO expert is a close second on my list).

Wikipedia has an accurate definition of conversion rate optimization:

In internet marketing, conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. It is also commonly referred to as CRO. – Wikipedia

In this blog post, you can learn more about what is conversion rate optimization and the area of practice.

As for the practitioner, an expert conversion rate optimizer is an adept right-brain and left-brain thinker … both analytical and creative … artistic and scientific. The practitioner must have an advanced business and marketing acumen … and an innate understanding of online business models and revenue streams.

And that’s just the beginning …

Here’s 10 Attributes of an Expert Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant

#1: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Researchers

Expert Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants are inquisitive … they ask questions and listen. They dig deep for information in order to reveal a nugget of gold to satisfy their desire to increase conversion rates. A good consultant will interview you, your team and front-line employees. They conduct Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) surveys to gather feedback so they can improve customer experience and retention.

#2: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Planners

A conversion rate optimizer plans their work, and works their plan. They don’t begin a project unless they first wireframe the pages in the conversion funnel. The understand that every pixel on the page and every user click is an important element for the conversion. They reference their internal conversion rate optimization library of tools and techniques … and prepare them for precise implementation.

#3: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Leaders

Conversion rate optimization consultants are team players and leaders. They understand that conversion rate optimization is a team effort and it requires many perspectives. They ramp up team members by giving thorough project and creative briefs. They clearly communicate the client’s goals and objectives to their team and stakeholders.

#4: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Creative Directors

A conversion rate optimizer is an expert user experience designer. They know how to design an user experience that achieves conversion goals, improves performance and increase revenue. Their wireframes, sketch flow maps, and site maps guide the creative design and development process.

#5: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Coders

Expert-level conversion rate optimizer have advanced technical skill-sets. They are generally front-end website coders … skilled in writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript website code. They have a comprehensive understanding of web development and can communicate in a common language with other web developers. Their technical abilities enable projects to flow more efficiently.

#6: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Testers

A conversion rate optimizer is a scientist. They have curious intellectual minds. They don’t assume a technique will improve conversions … they run A/B split test to prove the technique improved conversions. They test website user experiences by running usability test, site speed test, browser compatibility test, and more. They test page elements such as headlines, body copy, call-to-actions, colors, arrangement, incentive offers, etc. They test and scientifically improve website conversion rates systematically.

#7: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Even-Keeled

A good conversion rate optimization consultant has a methodical and even-keeled approach. They don’t get to high or get to low based on wins or losses. They’re experienced enough to know that sometimes a technique may not improve conversions. When they achieve a BIG win, they celebrate for a moment but quickly focus back on their plan and what’s next.

#8: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Analysts

In the world of conversion rate optimization, there is lots of data. Tons of data. An expert conversion rate optimization consultant is prolific in reading and interpreting web analytics. They know what data points to look for and how to employ conversion rate optimization tactics based on their data findings and insights.

#9: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Focused

Focus is a required attribute for a conversion rate optimization consultant. Once a consultant takes on a new project, they essentially become married to the project. They think about the project all day … no matter if they’re at work or at home. They become obsessed with accomplishing the mission, goals and objectives.

#10: Conversion Rate Consultants Are Winners

Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants are winners. Literally. Every day, they are motivated to achieve quick and big wins. That winning attribute is what drives them to expert status. The more wins they can achieve, the more money they make their clients and themselves. In the sport of conversion rate optimization, there is a scoreboard.


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