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Atlanta Conversion Optimization Consultant

This page provides you with the paid search optimization services I use on Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Ads, and other paid ad networks.

If your customers pay you money for a product or service, then you should have a budget to purchase new customers.

In marketing jargon, that’s called knowing and optimizing your customer acquisition cost.

For example …

Let’s say it cost you $2 to acquire a new customer … and the customer pays you $10 every time they make a purchase from you. You only had to pay $2 once to acquire them, but if they like your product then they’ll keep paying you $10, over and over again. Sounds like a good deal, right.

Paid search engine marketing and digital advertising works that way. In the Pay-Per-Click world, the game is to have the lowest customer acquisition cost possible. Paid online advertising is the fastest digital marketing channel to acquire new customers and grow your business instantly.

Paid Search Optimization Success Factors

Paid advertising success on Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo Ads, online advertising networks, and reTargeting platforms are largely dependent on campaign research, strategy, optimization and management. My team and I are among the best in the industry at optimizing paid search campaigns that produces more inbound leads and online orders.

Kick-Off Paid Search Optimization Consultation

I ask all prospective paid search clients to invest in a one hour kick-off consultation, so we can look under the hood of your campaigns together. A one hour consultation is only $297. And it’s likely to be the best investment you’ve made to improve your paid search performance, leads, and orders.

Standard PPC Services

SEO Keyword ResearchKeyword
SEO Market Research Campaign

PPC CampaignCampaign

SEO CopywritingPPC Ad
Clean SEO CodeLanding
SEO Local AtlantaConversion
SEO Web AnalyticsMobile
SEO for Mobile PhonesAwareness
SEO Link BuildingReTargeting
SEO Web AnalyticsPPC Data
SEO ReportingCampaign

Paid Search & Media Optimization Services

Minimum Engagement: 2 Months

Google AdWords Optimization

Google AdWords Strategy & Optimization

Google AdWords Strategy & Optimization … Client Q&A interview to define critical path, goals & objectives; Pull market research, Web analytics & data deep dive to reveal digital insights, strategies, tactics, and SWOTs to grow client’s web presence & revenue.

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Bing/Yahoo PPC Advertising Optimization

Bing/Yahoo Ad Strategy & Optimization

Bing/Yahoo Strategy & Optimization …. Responsive (UI) User Interface & (UX) User Experience design and development upgrades to the client’s owned media properties for an optimal viewing experience and conversion rates on desktop, tablet and mobile device screens.

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ReTargeting Ad Campaign Optimization

ReTargeting Ad Campaign Optimization

ReTargeting/ReMarketing Optimization …. Installation of Advanced Web Analytics platforms into client website, administration of usability stress test, and implementation of A/B split test to increase conversion rates and digital transactions. Double digital conversion rate increases are the norm.

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Banner Display Ad Optimization

Banner Display Ad Optimization

PPC/CPM Ad Optimization …. Ideation of client social media marketing strategy, social media employee policy, social media content calendar, sample messaging & creative assets, and execution support to optimize the client’s digital social media channels for engagement, growth and performance.

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