Digital Marketing Management Consultant

Atlanta Digital Marketing Services

I provide digital marketing management consulting to business owners with under-performing online businesses and inhouse teams.

Your business operations are efficient. Your people are effective. You’re primed and ready to take your business to the next level.

You want a smart website and intelligent digital marketing tactics. You need a growing stream of website traffic, mailing list subscribers, social media followers, inbound leads, new/returning customers, and business development opportunities.

You have your simple digital marketing strategy, now it’s time to execute.

Our Digital Marketing Management Program is your answer.

The Digital Marketing-Management Service Model

The Digital Marketing-Management Service Model

We architect, build and operate powerful digital marketing/selling systems for growth-centric companies. We take your digital burdens and challenges away … and bring back solutions and results.

The Digital Marketing Management Program

Under the terms of this program, my team and I provide your company with the following expert-level digital marketing strategy and execution services:

Search Optimization

You get best practice search engine optimization services in accordance with Google and Bing Webmaster/SEO guidelines. We provide you with comprehensive on-site and off-site SEO services. We use the SEO industries best tools and knowledge libraries to grow your organic website traffic. Learn more about SEO

Conversion Optimization

You get conversion rate optimization services in accordance with the Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) Methodology. We provide you with comprehensive conversion rate optimization services that produce guaranteed growth. We scientifically increase your online revenue. Learn more about CRO

PPC Optimization

You get best-in-class paid search engine and social advertising strategy, optimization and management services. Our services are crafted to reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), lower customer acquisition cost(CPA), increase paid traffic, and conversion rates. Learn more about Pay-Per-Click Optimization

Web Analytics

We remove the guesswork and make data-driven digital marketing decisions to guide your campaigns. We leverage your untapped website, competitor, search engine, user behavior, and conversion data to grow your business. We use web analytics to expand your digital footprint. Learn more about Web Analytics

Content Marketing

You will benefit from a content marketing program that regularly publishes top-of-the-funnel (TOFu), middle-of-the-funnel (MOFu), and bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFu) content that grows your mailing list and customer base. We’re experienced at producing content marketing materials for B2C/B2B audiences.

Email Marketing

We’ll energize your digital marketing program by producing best-in-class email marketing promotions, auto-responders, and drip campaign for your business. We’ll distribute beautiful email communications to your customers on your behalf. Email marketing keeps you top of mind and increases revenue.

Brand Management

It’s vital to your online brand to disseminate good news about your company and culture. We employ responsive communication systems to monitor your online reputation and resolve customer service issues across all your digital media channels.

Social Media Marketing

You will benefit from our strategic alliance with a leading social media software company. Our relationship enables us to execute far-reaching social media marketing campaigns with viral intent for our clients. Your social campaigns will build brand awareness and generate demand.

Business Development

Our business development capabilities have a strong entrepreneurial base. We have advanced acumen for digital business models and revenue streams. We will work proactively to connect your business to new online partners, alliances and communities. These relationships may lead to scalable growth.

Consulting & Reporting

We simplify the complexities and nuances of digital marketing for you. We consult with visual models and frameworks, not just words. We provide you with easy to understand monthly digital marketing reports. You’ll know your entire campaign from a birds-eye-view. We strive to achieve collaboration excellence.