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I conduct data deep dives into your web analytics, competitor data, and customer data to reveal insights that will fuel your business growth.

Web Analytics Data AnalysisThe first phase of a successful digital marketing project is research, analysis and reporting. I conduct Web Analytics Audits for clients with an under-performing website. I begin with a kick-off client interview. We’ll discuss your company vision, goals, objectives, and measures of success. I will ask you critical path questions that will guide your Web Analytics data deep dive.

After our kick-off, my team and I will begin the data deep dive process. We will research and analyze your website data, online market, SEO, content, competitors, UX, conversions, PPC and digital media channels. We collect and analyze your qualitative and quantitative Web Analytics data. We’ll twist, turn, squeeze, and love your data to reveal digital marketing intelligence and insights to fuel your business growth.

Your deliverable is a comprehensive Web Analytics Discovery Report. The discovery report will be your guide to achieve online business success.

My 8-Prong Web Analytics Research & Analysis Model


Digital Marketing Analysis Service Model
Digital Marketing Research & Analysis Model

Here’s An Overview of 8-Prong Service Model

Voice of the Customer

What do your customers want? What do they need? How important is customer satisfaction to you? Today, businesses must listen to their customers to keep them happy and loyal. We survey your customer satisfaction levels by conducting VoC research.

Online Market Analysis

What’s the 411 in your online business marketplace? What are your competitors doing that you’re not? Who are the winners and losers? What are your online market SWOTs in 2015? We’ll answer these questions and more with an Online Market Analysis.

User Experience Analysis

What if you could be a fly on the fall while a focus group of people visited your website? You could listen as the moderator ask people to navigate your website. It would be like having a cheat sheet. You’ll be a fly on the wall with our UX Analysis video services.

Content Analysis

Does your content sell? Does it project trust, credibility, value and urgency? Is the tone friendly? Is your content strategy effective and truly growing your business? These are just some of the critical path questions that our content marketing analysis will answer.

Competitor Analysis

What do your competitors know about marketing that you don’t know? How does your website experience stack up against their website experience? We’ll analyze your online strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats with a competitive analysis.

Conversion Rate Analysis

What if 2 out of every 100 people bought something from you? What if 4 out of every 100 people bought something? How about 6 out of every 100 people? We study your micro and macro conversion rates to understand how to increase your online revenue.

PPC Advertising Analysis

What are your competitors doing on pay-per-click advertising that you are not? What is your customer acquisition cost? We conduct a comprehensive analysis of paid advertising campaigns on Google, Bing/Yahoo & other platforms.

SEO Analysis

Have your search engine rankings increased or decreased? Is your traffic increasing, stagnant or decreasing? Do you know what to do to make your website go to the next SEO level? Our SEO analysis will reveal the answers to these questions and more.