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Atlanta Digital Marketing Services

This page will provide you with the web analytics & digital marketing service approach I use to fuel your online business & expand your digital footprint.

Digital Marketing Service IconA digital marketing consulting engagement with me, immediately brings 15 years of experience developing high performance websites and executing content marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, social media, and paid media campaigns to your organization.

I will provide expert-level digital marketing analysis, strategy and management services to your B2B or B2C company.

I strive to achieve project collaboration, production, and quality excellence. I’m agile and motivated to win for you every day.

My Digital Marketing Philosophy & Practices

My service philosophy is to be 100% transparent with my clients. I show and tell. I believe “iron sharpens iron” and “two heads are better than one”. I strive for collaboration and teamwork excellence.

Digital Market Research and Media Channel Analysis

This is the first phase of engagement for all new Digital Marketing clients, the Digital Marketing & Channel Analysis. It’s Pull-Marketing. We conduct a data deep dive into your website, SEO, mobile, Usability, and paid media data to equip you with priceless intel and valuable insights about your digital business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Digital Marketing Strategic & Tactical Growth Planning

After Digital Analysis, comes the Digital Strategic and Tactical Plan. This is the second phase of business. The plan is presented to the client. This is a decision making point for the client. The project is paused and while the client decides if they want to proceed with the project.

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Digital Marketing & Media Channel Management

After the Digital Marketing Strategic & Tactical Plan is approved, the client may want to hire Anthony Ragland on a monthly retainer to direct and support execution of the plan.

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Digital Marketing Consultation Request

Let’s schedule a 1-on-1 or in-house digital marketing consultation today and discuss your online business objectives.

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