This Is A Test To See If You’re Smart

This is a test to see if you're smart

Are you ready to start.

Here’s a softball question for you …

Would you rather have a flip phone or a smart phone?

Obviously a smart phone, right … unless you want to seem creepy or old-school. Not me.

Here’s a hardball question …

Would you rather have an outdated website or a smart website?

Not as obvious, right. You’re probably thinking, what the H E double-hockey stick is a “smart website“?

I’ll explain, keep reading “old-school”. This could make your day.

You may or may not have heard this … and most (if not all) of your competitors may or may not have heard this … and even if your competitors have heard it … I’m almost certain they don’t have a strategy to profit from it.

Here’s the breakthrough news you and your competitors are probably taking for granted …

The Digital Age (aka, The Information Age, Computer Age, or New Media Age) and the Modern World Wide Web have finally fused together.

At this moment in time, right now, and leading into 2015 … digital represents a tremendous opportunity for smart business people and marketers.

In February of 2014, Nielsen research reported that for the first time ever, U.S. adults spend more time on the Internet on smartphones than on PCs. According to Nielsen research:

A typical U.S. adult spends 34 hours & 17 minutes a month on the Internet on a smartphone compared to 27 hours & 3 minutes on a PC.

What does this mean and why should you care?

I’m glad you asked.

Here’s what I mean by The Digital Age and The Modern Web have finally fused together.

The evolution of the smart phone and tablet have ushered in B2B and B2C 24/7 connectivity to buyers. Think about that for a second … prospects, leads and customers are within an arms reach of your business at all times. This could be good or bad for your business.

Along with connectivity to buyers … the evolution of social media, web analytics, email marketing, retargeting, and digital marketing have created an opportunity for smart business people to capitalize.

Silver-bullet internet marketing has evolved into digital marketing methodologies.

We now have a simple and proven digital marketing framework that can measurably grow your customer base and scale your business.

Here’s a few questions for you to mull over …

What is your company going to do in 2015 about our new digital reality?

What do you think your competitors are going to do about it?

I’m impressed by you. You’ve reached the 450 word mark of this blog post!

What was the headline of this blog post?

Remember, “this is a test to see if you’re smart?”

You’re obviously smart if you made it this far.

And for the people that fell off, oh well … everybody can’t be smart like you.

Now I must admit, I used my storytelling and copywriting skills to make you want to continue reading and learning. Wink wink.

I’ll be honest, I’m selling my skills to you. But keep reading, I promise you’ll be smarter. Who knows, this may be the best blog post you’ve ever read.

If you’re short on time, I understand. You can cheat and scroll down to see what I’m selling you. My offer is only redeemable for “one” business in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are you still with me?

Good, let’s talk about outdated websites … keep reading.

How do you know if your company website is outdated and needs a smart upgrade?

Let’s have some levity on this one … let’s do a “You know your company website is outdated if…” top 10 list.

You know your company website is outdated if …

  1. Your company website is not responsive or mobile-compatible.
  2. Your company website content does not speak to your customer.
  3. Your company website looks like a box of content and pictures.
  4. Your company website has paragraphs with 4 or more sentences.
  5. Your company website uses almost every color on the color wheel.
  6. Your company website has a meek email list building strategy.
  7. Your company website primarily uses stock photography.
  8. Your company website does not have social following and sharing.
  9. Your company website is not search engine optimized, full stop.
  10. Your company website is not unique, likeable and memorable.

Let’s talk about how we can smart upgrade those outdated parts.

Here’s 10 Characteristics of a Smart Website!

  1. Smart websites have a business model.
  2. Smart websites make money, earn email addresses, and produce leads.
  3. Smart websites are planned, wireframed, and tested.
  4. Smart websites have brand positioning and clarity.
  5. Smart websites have clear and unique graphics.
  6. Smart websites have simple and readable content.
  7. Smart websites function easily and operate efficiently.
  8. Smart websites have offers that perceive value and create urgency.
  9. Smart websites use proven tactics to grow their traffic & email list.
  10. Smart websites use web analytics & user behavior data to make decisions.

But wait, there’s more …

I want to build your company a brand new smart website to close out 2014 and ring in 2015!

That’s what I’m selling you.

You’re not going to believe this … but you’ve reached the 900 word mark of this blog post. You’re awesome!

But I need to be honest with you about something …

Remember the headline, “this is a test to see if you’re smart.”

Well, it was more like “a test to see if you’re website is smart.”

Pun intended.

Besides, I already know you’re smart … you just read a 900+ word blog post. Who does that? Wink.

Ok, let’s wrap this up … here’s the deal I’m offering to “one” business in Atlanta, Georgia.

Upgrade Your Website to a Smart Website for 2015!

Contact me for an exclusive offer to businesses located in Atlanta.
Let’s work together to create a state-of-the-art smart website for your business.

My 10-phase digital marketing process will enable us to pragmatically improve your website user experience, increase your non-paid website traffic, increase your mailing list subscribers, and increase your top line revenue.

Contact Me and Let’s Start the Conversation

The team with the best players wins.” – Jack Welch


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