Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Atlanta Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. ~ Damon Richards

I provide expert-level digital marketing consulting and strategic planning to B2B/B2C companies.

Digital Marketing IconI’m an experienced digital marketing consultant with a proven track record for increasing website traffic, brand awareness and company revenue.

For individuals, I offer FREE 15-minute digital marketing consultations and one hour digital marketing consultations.

For companies and teams, I offer full-day digital marketing consultations and training seminars.

FREE Consultation

Do you need to improve your website? I’ll provide you with FREE digital marketing advice on how to improve your website user experience, SEO, and conversion rates. In just 15 minutes, you’ll have marketing tips to act on.

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1-Hour Consultation

Do you need to improve your website, increase traffic, and generate more revenue? I will personally meet with you to evaluate your website. You’ll get actionable advice on how to increase traffic and revenue.

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Search Engine, Conversion Rate, and Pay-Per-Click Optimization Services

User Interface Design IconI provide digital marketing optimization services to online businesses.

My services include search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and pay-per-click optimization. My goal is to improve your website performance, inbound leads, online orders, and conversion rates.

I’m an experienced practitioner and double digit website traffic and conversion rate increases are the norm.

Digital Marketing Analysis, Strategy and Management Services

User Interface Design IconMy team and I can provide your company with digital marketing support and assistance with executing your digital strategy.  Our digital marketing methodologies and frameworks are proven to grow online businesses and increase company revenue.

We have a three phase digital marketing process. Phase one is Web Analytics & Analysis. Phase two is Digital Marketing Strategic Planning. Phase three is Digital Management & Support.

    • First, we conduct a comprehensive audit and analysis of your web analytics, competitor analytics, online market research, target audience behavior, and other data sources for hidden gems.


    • Next, we engage with you in digital marketing strategic planning sessions. We align your business goals, objectives and critical path with an integrated digital marketing strategy.


  • Last, we assist with production of your creative assets and tactical execution of your digital marketing strategy on owned, earned & paid media channels.