8 Tips for Creating a Customer Centric Website Experience

customer centric marketing

A customer centric website experience is one that offers a positive experience, both at the point of sale and after the sale is made. It drives value, brand awareness, and engages visitors more than ever before. Here are eight different tips for making sure your website is as customer centric as possible.

➊ Define Your Customers’ Needs

Take some time to look at your website and compare it to your competitors’ websites. What is missing? What are the things that no one is yet providing to your shared demographic? If you want to create a customer centric website experience, you need to be the first to offer information, tools, or apps – whatever suits your target audience’s needs the most.

➋ Make Fact-Based Decisions

Rather than simply thinking, “This would be a neat thing to offer, so we should incorporate it into the website,” take some time to consider the facts behind that decision. Create and send out customer surveys, open blog posts for discussion, and find out what your audience really wants.

➌ Discover Your VIP Customers

Every single person who purchases from you is valuable, but regardless of your niche or industry, some customers are more valuable than others. These are the people you want to truly engage. Think about things like their purchase potential, their ability to influence others to buy, and their overall loyalty to your company. Design your website around the things that are most likely to gain the attention of VIPs.

➍ Create a Journey

These days, people don’t want a static website with all of the information laid out before them. Instead, they want an experience. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they go through as they make a purchase and beyond. Then, create a website that fulfills their needs and answers their questions – even before they think to ask them.

➎ Build a Customer Centric Culture

If you really want your website to reflect customer centricity, it is absolutely vital for you to create a customer centric culture within your business and brand. Get everyone on board to support a common vision, and you’ll be surprised at some of the ideas your team can come up with.

➏ Create an Emotional Connection

One of the best ways to create a customer centric experience is to create an emotional bond with your visitors. Let your website tell a powerful, emotional story that will truly grab a visitor’s attention. Even if they don’t purchase from you right away, your story should continue to resonate – and it’ll make your brand more memorable, too.

➐ Live Up to Expectations

One of the worst things you can do to your customers is to create a set of expectations and then fail to live up to them. If you promise hassle-free checkout and fast shipping on your home page, make sure to provide it. It builds respect and it adds plenty to the customer centricity of your website.

➑ Don’t Forget the Real World

Last, but most certainly not least, don’t forget that your customers live in the real world. If you do everything you can to incorporate the real world experience into your website, they’ll appreciate you for it. Improve upon things that normally frustrate people, and watch as they flock to your site.
To put it simply, a customer centric website experience is one that is focused almost solely on the customer’s happiness and satisfaction. It takes time and research to build, but in the end, it can improve your brand – and your bottom line.

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