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Medical Device Company Case Study

In this detailed case study, you’ll learn how I increased their website conversion rate over 320% and saved the company $100,000 per month in TV advertising cost.


In 2013, I was hired by an agency to provide digital marketing direction, strategy, and execution services to a groundbreaking FDA-cleared medical device company. I was responsible for all things digital … owned, earned and paid media channels.

My responsibility was to chart the digital marketing strategy and direct the technical execution of the following areas of practice:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO);
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC);
  • User Interface & Experience (UI/UX);
  • Email Marketing & Drip Campaigns;
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns;
  • Content Marketing & Copywriting;
  • and Web Analytics and Reporting.

Contract Engagement: 18 months


The medical device company was a start-up. Their website was the primary customer touchpoint and distribution channel. The secondary touchpoint and channel was telephone support. The company outsourced customer service to a call center. The agents were receiving customer complaints. Negative online reviews began surfacing about the company’s bad customer service policies.

The medical device company was spending over $100,000 per month on :30 second TV advertisements. As a result, their website was receiving a large amount of direct website traffic (people who type the URL directly into a search engine).

Their website was converting around 1% of the website visitors into new customers. The company’s customer acquisition cost was very high, the website was underperforming, and the TV ad expense was not sustainable.

My team and I were tasked with improving the digital experience, reducing the customer acquisition cost, building a digital footprint, and increasing revenue results as quickly as possible.


During the 18-month engagement, I directed a small team of web developers, graphic designers, content writers, and project managers to significantly upgrade the medical device company’s website and digital experience.

The upgrades we administered to their website were integrated into campaigns across owned, earned, and paid media channels.

Notable Contributions & Accomplishments:

    • Digital Marketing & Brand Strategy — contributed UX/UI wireframe layouts, direct response content, creative assets, front-end coding, QA testing, and A/B split testing to build and modify home pages, product pages, information pages, communication systems, and checkout process for the medical device company’s website. My contributions resulted in a customer acquisition conversion rate increase to over 4.2% (a 320% increase in conversion rate).


    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services— administered best practice SEO services to increase the medical device company’s non-paid search engine results and traffic; contributed SEO audits, keyword research, SEO copywriting, UI/UX architecture, and SEO direction to team members for execution. My SEO contributions resulted in hundreds of new first page search engine result placements (SERPs) and tens of thousands keyword-relevant organic website visitors.


    • Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Strategy — contributed campaign strategy, UX/UI wireframe layouts, copywriting, creative direction, front-end coding, QA testing, and data analysis for the development of five customer testimonial landing pages for PPC campaigns that converted between 2.69% and 7.14% of page visitors into new customers (more than a 630% increase from previous KPIs).


  • Email Marketing Strategy & Campaigns — administered email marketing campaigns and contributed wire frames, copy writing, creative direction, landing page development, QA testing, and segmented distribution of the campaigns; created a series of email promotions that converted between 3.85% and 24.70% of page visitors into new customers. The email open rates were 95% higher than industry averages and the click-through rates were 47% higher than industry averages. The email campaigns were sent to 30K subscribers.

The results exceed expectations. My team and I substantially improved every key performance indicator (KPI) and increased all measures of success for the medical device company. We improved the their customer service communications, policies and systems to all but eliminate negative online reviews and customer complaints.

The results cemented a solid digital footprint for the medical device company. The company is well positioned to be a leader in their industry.

Financial Services Company Case Study

In this detailed case study, you’ll learn how I increased a financial services company’s online leads over 427% and non-paid SEO traffic over 34%.


In 2009, I was hired by a financial services company as their lead marketer. The company was in critical digital condition. They needed to quickly produce more online leads and monetize their website. They operated a call center and employed over 120 telephone agents who were facing layoffs or termination if inbound leads were not increased quickly.


The financial services company owned a premium domain name and their website had decent search engine rankings. The website produced approximately 18,000 unique website visitors per month and approximately 15 pre-qualified online leads per day.

Upon analysis of their Google Analytics data, I learned most of their website traffic was referred from third-party partner websites and branded search terms. Upon auditing their website, I realized that their website was poorly optimized for the search engines and their user interface was poorly designed and written. The user experience of the website was generic, imagery cookie-cutter, and it lacked personalization.


Within the first 90 days, I upgraded their homepage, about pages, product pages and landing pages by incorporating search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization techniques.

Some of the upgrades included:

  • wrote direct response content with call to action triggers
  • directed company photo shoot of staff and offices for digital channels
  • incorporated trust imagery, accreditation logos and social media icons
  • upgraded customer service experience to be more customer-friendly
  • prominently placed written testimonials, recorded audio/video testimonials, and incorporated customer success storytelling
  • created service-specific landing pages to replace generic landing pages
  • A/B split tested landing pages to determine best performing pages
  • conducted extensive keyword and competitor research to determine the most desirable short-tail and long-tail search terms
  • cleaned the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to improve load speed
  • fixed issues with website structure, navigation, and page hierarchy
  • rewrote relevant, keyword-centric headlines, subheadings and body copy
  • implemented an aggressive link building strategy to acquire top-tier links

The results exceed expectations. I increased the company’s online leads 427% by implementing UI/UX upgrades, conversion rate optimization techniques, and SEO tactics; and increased the non-paid SEO traffic over 34% to the financial services company website.

The results cemented a solid digital footprint for the financial services company. The company has grown into one of top financial services companies in their industry.

State University Case Study

In this detailed case study, you’ll learn how I created an international buzz, outranked major universities in search engines, and sold-out a summer filmmaking workshop in 4 months.


In 2011, I was hired by a university to provide marketing direction, strategy, and execution services for an international workshop for filmmakers.

The workshop was on the campus of the university and taught by over a dozen Hollywood movie directors, producers, visual artists, and actors. It included field trips to Hollywood movie sets and TV production studios. I was responsible for leading the marketing and communication teams.

In my role, I was responsible for the following areas of practice:

  • Project Leadership and Team Management;
  • Workshop Brand Identity Package Design;
  • User Interface & Experience (UI/UX) Design + Development;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Online, Radio & Print Media Planning & Buying;
  • Public Relations (Releases, Briefs, Advisories, Interviews, etc);
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns & Promotional Contest;
  • Marketing Management (Budgeting, Committees, Presentations, etc);
  • and Web Analytics and Campaign Reporting.

Contract Engagement: 6 months


The university workshop was a new initiative. Upon auditing the project, I discovered one web page and one flyer from a previous failed attempt to launch the workshop initiative. The workshop required creation of a full brand identity system and production of new creative assets.

My team and I were given 6 months to build the workshop creative assets and marketing materials to promote the workshop nationally and internationally. Our marketing budget was $10,000.


We created a new brand identity system (logos, stationary, flyers, t-shirts, street banners, booth banners, print ads, etc) to maximize awareness and create a seamless brand experience. We conceptualized and launched an integrated communication strategy to promote the workshop across owned, earned and paid media channels.