Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing Strategy

If You’re Not Using Video Content Marketing, You’re Literally Leaving Money On The Table Video content represents a significant opportunity to position your online brand and improve your website conversion rates. Research shows one of the biggest factors contributing to high website bounce rates and low conversion rates, are web visitors not relating to the […]

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

Happy 15th Birthday Google

Google turned 15 years old on Sept. 27, 2013. Since I’ve been a Google user my entire career and an ambassador of their products, I decided to write a blog post to officially wish them a happy birthday. Google is truly a marvel. Their footprint on the information age is absolutely unbelievable. According to Wikipedia, […]

10 Steps to e-Buiness Success


Here’s 10 points that will change your approach to eBusines: Shift your online business paradigm. Understand that your website, is not just your website. Your website, is an eBusiness that should communicate clearly to your target audience, inspire them to do what you want them to do, and make you money. Study your industry. What are […]