Be the Tom Brady of Digital Marketing at Your Company

Be the Tom Brady of Digital Marketing

You can be the Tom Brady of Digital Marketing at your company; legendary and the most valuable player in your league.

Yesterday, on November 2, 2014 — the New England Patriots played the Denver Broncos. And Tom Brady and Peyton Manning competed against each other at quarterback for the 16th time.

Tom Brady is winning the head-to-head matchup, 10-5. And lo and behold, New England and Tom Brady won again yesterday, 43-21.

Before the big game, my brother and I were having a friendly debate about who’s better … Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

I’m a Brady fan. My brother is a big Peyton Manning fan. Both men are absolutely ridiculous (so great that you can pun superlatives).

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a question of who’s better … I’d happily trade places with either one of them. They’re both Super Bowl winning NFL quarterbacks and will go into the hall of fame on golden carriages.

They’ve both achieved unparalleled greatness at the most difficult job in sports. They are legends of the game and still playing at an elite level in their late 30’s … more absolute ridiculousness.

I think the question is, who do you resonate with the most … Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

I resonate with Tom Brady.

I’ll tell you why first. Then I’ll tie it back to digital marketing and how you can be like Tom Brady at your company.

The way I see it, Peyton Manning was born great, Tom Brady was made great.

Peyton Manning is the son of NFL hall of fame quarterback, Archie Manning; and his younger brother is, Eli Manning, a Super Bowl winning quarterback and future hall of famer … awhhh, that just absolutely ridiculous.

I’m not jealous or anything, but Peyton had a slight advantage over you, me, and most folks. Irrespective of his quarterback pedigree, he worked and studied his backside off and earned every ounce of his greatness.

But I gotta tell you …

I would do anything to be a fly on the wall growing up in the Manning household. Imagine the quarterback-speak and greatness-molding at that dinner table. C’mon man … I can’t even imagine.

Here’s why Tom Brady’s story and career resonates with me, and why I think Tom Brady is a perfect illustration of digital marketing.

Tom Brady started playing golf when he was 3 years old. Tom Brady, Sr. would never let his son (Tommy) win.

In this article on ESPN, Elizabeth Merrill interviews Tom Brady Sr. His dad said, “by the age of 8, Tommy had developed an extreme distaste for losing.”

I’m know psychologist, but I do know over a dozen of them (long story, don’t ask), but one might assume that Tommy developed his drive, focus and commitment to win as a kid, because his dad wouldn’t let him win.

If you combine a love for winning, drive, focus and dedication with 6′ 4″ height, a 225 lb body, and a laser accurate arm … then, apparently you get Tom Brady, the most absolutely ridiculous quarterback of his time.

Brady has always been the underdog. It’s been widely publicized that Brady came into the NFL wanting to prove himself because he was drafted late in the 6th round. And you can see it. He kinda plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Digital marketing is a lot like quarterback … you have to prove yourself and earn every win.

A lot of people are 6’4, and weight 225 lbs, and have accurate arms. A lot of people have “the tools” and the woulda coulda shoulda.

But just like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady … you have to work and study your backside off to be successful at digital marketing. You have to earn every win, big and small … they aren’t given to you.

Here’s how you can be the Tom Brady of digital marketing at your company.

Like Tom Brady, you must have a winning-approach to digital marketing. You must be driven by the measures of success and what’s best for the company. Your focus is on the digital strategy and tactical execution. And last but not least, you have to be committed to preparation and hard-work.

Below is my (“Tom Brady”) 4-Prong Digital Marketing Framework:

1. Have a Simple Winning-Approach to Digital Marketing

Your approach to the game is everything. For Brady, it begins with studying the Xs and Os. For you, it should begin with a data deep dive into your web analytics to reveal hidden gems, priceless intel, and valuable insights to fuel your online growth strategy. Digital marketing may not be as competitive as playing quarterback in the NFL, but both require great decision making to be success.

If you want to consider hiring me to do your data deep dive for you, please visit Digital Marketing Research & Media Channel Analysis to learn more about my process.

2. Be Driven by the Measures of Success

For Brady, he doesn’t care about personal stats … but he does care about executing the game plan with precision. Your measures of success and critical path must be the driver of your digital marketing strategy and tactics plan. I help clients clearly define their conversion goals and create a digital marketing strategy to achieve the goals.

If you would need help with your digital marketing strategy, I provide digital marketing strategy consulting based on the the See-Think-Do Digital Marketing Framework, from Google.

3. Focus on the Digital Strategy and Tactical Execution

Once you have a clear digital marketing strategy, we will focus on tactics and execution. Digital media tactical execution is like playing the game for Brady. Money is on the line. People are watching. You’re getting bumped and bruised by the ebb and flow of executing digital marketing campaigns. During the game, stay focused on your digital strategy and the data. Remember, your job is tactical execution of the campaigns across multi-channels and touch points.

In Brady’s case, he aligned himself with Coach Belichick’s system. Digital media tactical execution has some similarities to playing quarterback in the NFL. If you require coaching and a proven system, consider scheduling a Digital Marketing Consultation with me.

4. Commit to Preparation and Hard Work

Tom Brady spends allot of time in the film room and on the practice field. If you want to be the Tom Brady of digital marketing for your company, you must spend a lot of time reading top digital marketing industry blogs, books, white papers, infographics, listening to podcast, watching webinars, attending conferences, and immersing yourself in digital thought leadership.

Or … you can just hire me to consult you.

In which case, I’ll be your Coach Belichick.

The team with the best players wins.” – Jack Welch

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