What Makes a B2B Website Magnetic and Powerful

What makes a B2B website magnetic and powerful?

A business website should be magnetic and powerful to people, search engines and social media networks.

This is the first article of a series of blog posts on this topic. This blog series is for B2B companies with under-performing websites.

Today, you will learn 20 attributes of a magnetic and powerful B2B website.

This website (AnthonyRagland.com) will be used as a case study. I rebuilt it 4 months ago. I will take you behind the scenes of what I’m doing to make it magnetic and powerful.

I built this website to be fast and Google SEO-compliant. You will learn the real life techniques I used on this website.

Below are some test results from Google Developer Tools:

Google's User Experience Test Screenshot
This website scored 100% on Google’s Mobile User Experience test.
Google PageSpeed Insights Desktop
This website scored 85% on Google’s desktop speed test.
Google's mobile speed test screenshot
This website scored 73% on Google’s mobile speed test.

Use Google Developers Tools and WebMaster Tools

Keep in mind, the majority of websites have below average or failing Google scores. And all types of errors and issues. How do I know? Because I use Google Developers Tools and Google WebMaster Tools everyday to test websites.

Here is a link to test your website on Google PageSpeed Insights.

In this article, you will learn what I did to make this website get a 100% Mobile User Experience, 85% Desktop Load Speed, and 73% Mobile Load Speed scores, respectively. Not all perfect scores, but passing and good enough scores (skip to the end of this article to read my philosophy on perfect vs. good).

You will learn how this website is ranking higher in the search engines for over 142 targeted keywords. And how this website’s search engine impressions have increased over 2,700% in last 4 months.

I’ll share some easy tips on how to improve your B2B written and visual content by making it more magnetic and easier to read.

And you will learn why you should upgrade your WordPress platform to have the 20 essential attributes, which will transform your business website into a more powerful marketing and sales machine.

About the 20 Essential Attributes of a B2B Website

20 Essential B2B Success Attributes
I’ve observed 20 essential attributes of successful B2B websites. And I presume B2B success in the Digital Age requires these essential attributes:

  1. Fast Server and Secure CMS Platform
  2. Easy to Customize and Scalable Functionality
  3. Modern UI Design and Customer-Centric User Experience
  4. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Screen Responsive
  5. Rich Snippet, Schema, RSS, and Social Media Integration
  6. Easy Content Creation Tools for Pages, Posts, Podcasts, Landing Pages, etc.
  7. Built-In SEO Tool-Set in the WordPress Dashboard
  8. Built-In Marketing Automation Tools in the WordPress Dashboard
  9. Built-In Keyword, Social and Trend Research Tools in the WordPress Dashboard
  10. Built-In Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in the WordPress Dashboard
  11. Built-In Online Community and Influencer Research Tools
  12. Built-In Advanced Google Analytics Tools to Collect Website Visitor Data
  13. Built-In Analytics and Performance Reports at a Glance
  14. Built-In Content Calendars for Inbound Content Marketing
  15. Built-In Affiliate Program Creation and Management System
  16. Customer-Only Content Sections (Username/Password required)
  17. Useful Written Content and Engaging Visual Content
  18. Email List Building and Subscription Modules
  19. Simple Invoices/Quotes and Secure Payment Processing
  20. Instant Appointment Scheduling and CRM Integration

The Backstory About This Website

In November of 2014 (four months ago at this writing), I decided to rebuild this website based on the 20 essential attributes listed above.

Previously, this website you’re viewing was a basic brochure website, which I updated every few months or so. Not because of laziness, but because of busyness. Which is befitting of an amusing quote:

Everyone in town has a nice haircut, except for the town barber”. – Unknown

Amusing because it’s true. Not only for a barber, but for most B2B website owners and professionals who own a website. We’re to busy working in our business, instead of working on our business.

Unabashedly, I consider myself to be one of the top digital marketing consultants in my industry. But, I wasn’t taking my own website seriously. If you’re like me, you probably have similar feelings about your company or professional website.

Four months ago, I decided to take action. I set out to rebuild my website. Not only that, I was going to conduct an experiment and log my data. I decided to take a scientific approach.

Website SiteMap for Anthony Ragland
The original SiteMap to build AnthonyRagland.com in November 2014.

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

My goal is to transform AnthonyRagland.com into a magnetic and powerful B2B website. My plan is to work on this website at least 5 days a week for 12 months. Some days I’ll only work 2 hours, other days I may work 10 hours.

When I began this project 4 months ago, the objective was to re-build this website to be fully SEO-compliant, social media compatible, user-friendly, and useful website that promotes my digital marketing consulting services.

Fast forward to today, this website is good … but far from perfect. On the job experience has taught me that an obsession with perfection can paralyze progress. Perfection should not be your goal either. A wise man once said;

Perfect is the enemy of good. – Voltaire

The goal is to upgrade your B2B website to include the 20 essential attributes required in the Digital Age for online success.

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