The Secret to Successful B2B and B2C Email Marketing

The Secret to Successful Email Marketing

Best Practice Email Marketing Campaign Tactics

Email marketing is the grandfather of web marketing and one of the most important components of an effective business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) digital marketing plan. However, many companies still struggle when it comes to maximizing their brand’s product/service potential through this channel.

This blog post will touch on some best practice email marketing campaign tactics that will position your business to win.

The purpose of email marketing is to improve customer loyalty, bottom-line revenue and brand awareness. Successful email marketers focus on four primary objectives, when composing their email marketing strategy.

  • Email list building (lead generation and community building)
  • Relationship marketing (customer acquisition and retention)
  • Sales conversions (offers, incentives and discounts)
  • Customer feedback (surveys, polls and questionnaires)

The most successful email marketing programs communicate a consistent tone, style and pitch….and they are distributed on a consistent frequency. Below are some best practice email marketing tactics for your businesses.

Email Marketing Tactics

  • Create an email marketing editorial calendar, which forecast 60 days worth of email promotions in advance (align them with your blog and social media calendars).
  • Adhere to an email marketing distribution frequency of three to four emails to subscribers per month.
  • Design a series of responsive HTML email templates that are consistent with your brand colors, fonts and graphics.
  • Put an opt-in email subscription form on your website and include it on every web page (place it in your website’s sidebar); write a brief call-to-action telling subscribers the benefits of joining your email list; possibly include a link that will show them a sample email and a link to your anti-spam policy.
  • Make opt-in email list building a priority. This includes giving users the ability to subscribe to the email list on social media, offline events, online webinars, blog pages, landing pages, thank you pages, etc.
  • Write and design your first several emails. You should focus on communicating one core message and one call-to-action, instead of writing and creating emails that communicate multiple messages and calls-to-action.
  • Create custom landing pages for each outgoing email campaign, reinforcing the email’s core message and call-to-action. Your landing page should have a short lead generation form or check-out process (keep it simple and efficient for your subscribers).
  • Soft sell to your email subscribers by sending them product incentives, special discounts, and free gift offers (e.g., a 30day trial, 20% off, or register-to-win), instead of hard selling in email campaigns (e.g., sign up or buy now).
  • Distribute quarterly “how can we improve” or “how was your experience” surveys to email subscribers and offer them an incentive for their feedback.

Advanced Email Marketing Tactics

  • Integrate marketing automation into email campaigns, which includes drip campaigns, lead management functionality, audience segmentation, online behavioral tracking, lead nurturing/scoring/grading and CRM integration. This will help you track email recipients to see if they connect with your website offer and what they do after they receive the email.
  • A/B test slightly different email design versions (layout, copy, calls to action, alignment, images, etc.) to gain conversion rate intelligence and distribute additional emails in accordance with the top performer.

These tactics are the building blocks of a professional quality email marketing program. In order to successfully execute this type of program, it will require quite a bit of work, but the upside is definitely worth it for your business. If you require assistance or have questions about your email marketing program, please leave a comment below or contact me. Stay tuned for more blog post about email marketing software, content strategies, and more.

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