8 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Blog Once a Week

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he digital economy has made it difficult to build a sustainable and profitable business. If you own or manage a business, you are vulnerable to more savvy competitors and dissatisfied customers 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you’re not proactively building your business online, you’re probably going to lose in the long run. It’s sad, but true.

➜ But here’s your wild card.

It’s a fact that most businesses invest in fleeting online marketing tactics. And this is an opportunity for you to capitalize on.

Your competitors might invest in AdWords for a few months, until they realize they’re losing money hand over fist. Or they might try social media marketing, to little or no avail. They may even send bulk emails to their customers, until people start unsubscribing and shouting “SPAM”.

These are all short-term marketing tactics.

Short-term tactics seldom produce sustainable results. And they won’t acquire online real estate for your business.

Even if those short-term tactics are working at the moment, smart businesses also employ long-term marketing tactics.

Long-term marketing is what builds brands. And it leads to sustainability and profitability … not throw-it-against-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks marketing tactics.

The surefire long-term tactic to grow your business online and acquire market share is content publishing.

Consider this.

If you publish at least one 500 word blog post per week, in one year your business will have:

➜ 52 Published Blog Articles

➜ 52 Web Pages of Brand Awareness and Authority Content

➜ 52 Web Pages for Lead Generation and Email Subscriptions

➜  26,000 Words for the Search Engines to Index

And perhaps more importantly, at the end of one year, you would have sent 52 signals to Google that your website has fresh content. And fresh content is an SEO game-changer.

Below are 8 reasons why blogging once a week will help you manage your online reputation, acquire market share, crush your competitors and build a profitable business.

➊ Blogs Attract The Right People, At The Right Time

As you know, billions of people use the Internet every day.

They use the Internet for information, entertainment, comparison shopping, and commerce.

Publishing content on your blog presents the perfect opportunity to reach these people at the moment of truth.  People want to be educated. They want to be entertained. They want value and incentives. And they want to buy things. It’s human nature.

When you publish content on your blog, you are giving these people what they want. You are giving them something of value, without explicitly asking for anything in return.

➋ Blog Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

A well-written blog article that covers important topics related to your business has the potential to be shared far and wide.

Once you publish your blog content, it takes up online real estate in the search engines. The more people who view your content, the more your brand awareness increases. And the more memorable your business becomes in their mindshare.

Hands down, blog content is a great long-term marketing tactic to improve your brand. It will grow your business locally, nationally, and globally.

➌ Blogging Will Establish You As An Authority

In today’s digital economy, you have to become an authority in your industry if you want to win.

Whether you fix pipes, mow lawns, plead cases, or cure diseases, your blog should establish you as an authority in your field.

When you build your authority through content publishing, consumers are more likely to remember you.

What’s more … as you become an industry authority, it opens up unparalleled opportunities for alliances, partnerships, community building, and more.

➍ Blogging Will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Google search rankings are about much more than just fitting in the right keywords. In fact, these days, Google focuses more on the user experience and fresh content than anything else.

When you update your blog weekly, it will have a tremendous impact on your search engine rankings. And this is particularly true if you write relevant content that contains relevant images and keywords.

If you publish weekly blog articles once per week for a year, and your competitors don’t, then you will out rank them in the long run.

➎ Blogging Will Earn You A Competitive Advantage

Although many business owners understand the importance of blogging, the number of businesses that do not have an active blog is staggering.

By getting started now and updating your blog each week, you will earn an advantage over your competitors.

Blogging and content marketing is chess, not checkers. And consistent blogging will position your business to checkmate your competitors.

➏ Blogs Build Rapport With Potential Customers

Chances are you know your target demographic. You have a group of people in mind who will resonate with your marketing messages based on their likelihood to buy your product or service.

Weekly blogging allows you to build rapport with your target demographic. Not only will you build rapport with these individuals, but you’ll reach people who may not normally purchase your goods.

Then, when these individuals need what you offer, they’ll remember your brand and expertise. And they may even grow fond of your blog content and subscribe to your mailing list.

➐ Blogging Will Build Your Professional Network

Aside from helping you sell more products and services, and building your brand, blogging can help you build your professional network.

Imagine going to a conference for your industry, meeting a new potential business contact, and discovering that this person already knows who you are thanks to your blog posts!

It happens all the time. Blogging can help you build a successful network of alliances, partners and vendors.

➑ Blogging Enables You To Tell Memorable Storys

Finally, it is important to remember that people are bombarded with information every single second of every single day. The more you can evoke emotions in your readers, the better off you’ll be.

By taking the time to tell your success story (why you developed your business and what you hope to accomplish), the more relatable and memorable your blog becomes to your audience.

People enjoy this candid storytelling, and it often leads to more sales.

✍ In conclusion…

There are many reasons why you should be writing and updating your blog once per week, but for the most part, it helps you reach new people, drives brand awareness, and boosts your rankings in the search engines.

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