8 Reasons to Write at Least 4 Blog Posts Per Month for a Year

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If you have yet to publish a blog for your business, or if you only post to your blog very infrequently, you may be doing your company a serious disservice. Here are eight reasons why you need to be posting a blog at least four times a month for a year.

➊ It’s Fuel for SEO

It’s a known fact that Google ranks sites with dynamic content much higher on the results list than those with only static content. As long as your blogs are relevant and valuable to your readers, at the end of a year, your rankings are sure to skyrocket.

➋ It Attracts More Customers

A HubSpot survey from the spring of 2015 showed that about 60% of the businesses that post regular blogs acquire more customers than those companies without blogs or those that post new blogs infrequently.

➌ It Creates Two-Way Conversation

Whereas much of the static information on your website does not provide much opportunity for your customers and visitors to exchange thoughts or ideas, a blog offers up the chance for people to engage with your company – and with each other.

➍ It Is More Fuel for Your Social Media Fire

Keeping up with social media can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to come up with valuable content to post. If you’re adding to a blog an average of once per week, it gives you the opportunity to provide links, encourage shares, and even invite commentary – all of the things that make your social media account so important to your company.

➎ It Gives Your Brand a Personality

With so much information at people’s fingertips, one of the best marketing strategies you can employ involves giving your brand its very own personality. There’s no better way to do that than with a frank, honest, and conversational blog. Simply put, it gives you a chance to show people what you’re all about.

➏ It Is Cost-Effective

Whether you choose to write your blog yourself or outsource it to someone who can adequately put your vision into words, blogging is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions available today. For just a small amount of money, each blog you post is a long-term asset that can serve your company well for years to come.

➐ You Can Get to Know Your Audience

Everyone knows that it becomes easier to market a product or service when you feel like you’ve connected with the target audience. Blogging gives people a chance to open up about their passions, their interests, and even their frustrations. There’s no better opportunity to make people happy than to hear them out and use their thoughts to your advantage.

➑ It Takes Time

A year sounds like a long time, and it’s certainly a commitment on your part. However, keep two things in mind. First, your viewership won’t increase overnight. The odds that a single blog post will go viral and send traffic your way is very slim. Second, your search engine rankings won’t improve overnight, either. You’ll need to stick with it, be consistent, and be patient.
Blogging every single week for a year may seem like quite a daunting challenge, but you’ll soon find that after a few posts, inspiration is everywhere. Pay attention to your visitors and their comments, and deliver on their pressing questions. It’s one of the best marketing decisions you’ll ever make.

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