6 Tips to Build a Business Website That You Can Be Proud Of

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All too often, business owners wrongly assume that they can put some information into a template and create a beautiful, responsive, professional website that generates tons of traffic each and every day.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

It takes quite a bit of work and know-how to build an excellent site. Here are six tips you can use to create a business website you can be proud of.

➊ Simplify Your Call to Action

Before you even get started, take some time to think about why you’re building a website in the first place.

Do you want to sell more products?

Do you need your visitors to schedule more appointments?

Do they need to agree to a monthly subscription?

No matter what it is your website drives your visitors to do, make sure it does so simply and clearly. “Click Here for an Appointment” is really all you need as long as it’s bright, bold, and visible.

➋ Don’t Overcomplicate the Design

You don’t need tons of animated banners to get people to pay attention to your website.

In fact, if it seems too “busy”, your visitors are likely to bounce just as soon as they get a glimpse.

Keep things simple with a professional and eye-pleasing color scheme, and choose fonts that are easy to read.

Use the same font through your entire site, too. It adds professionalism and style.

➌ Implement Video Testimonials

These days, every company out there puts testimonials on its website, and for many people, these short text-based testimonials are too impersonal to be believable.

Instead, consider asking some of your current (or former) clients and customers to participate in a very brief video testimonial.

They’re more believable, and your visitors will be more inclined to pay attention.

➍ Introduce Yourself

Don’t create an “About the Company” page that does nothing more than describe your mission statement and dedication to customer service.

Instead, consider posting up-to-date photos of yourself and the rest of your staff, and ask each staff member to write up a short biography.

When people feel like they can get to know your company, they’re more likely to do business with you.

➎ Provide Authoritative Information

If your goal is to drive sales of any kind, and it probably is, it is important to become an authority within your industry.

For this reason, you should include a variety of information on your website that can answer any potential question that a visitor might have.

A detailed FAQ section is a great start, but consider writing a weekly blog or creating independent sections to cover some of the more complicated topics.

➏ Incorporate Social Media

Finally, one of the best things you can do for your business website is incorporate your social media websites.

Give people the opportunity to “Like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter right from your landing page.

This alone can improve your overall brand viewership, and it gives you more opportunities to reach out to anyone who may not be ready to commit.

Building a website you can be proud of requires more than simply putting some information in a template and hoping for the best.

You need to create a professional, aesthetically-pleasing virtual atmosphere that provides your visitors with all of the information they could ever want in a simplified manner.

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